“KIM” is one of the world’s most popular names!!

Kim is one of the most popular words in the Korean culture.  Meaning “gold,” Kim is the most common last name. More than one fifth of all Koreans have this last name, with some 10 million Kims in South Korea alone.

In the U.S., Kim, a nickname for “Kimberly,” is the 58th most common name given to female babies born in the first decade of the 21st Century.

In the Turkish language, the word “kim” means “who.”

The .KIM domain is a meaningful web address across cultures, businesses and geographies. Today on the domain we see personal sites (to showcase resumes and other personal information), small businesses’ sites (for promotions and lead generation), eCommerce/shopping sites, community-oriented sites and more.

Having a site on the .KIM domain adds a level of affinity, which is essential in building relationships with your site visitors or customers.

The .KIM domain is open to everyone and every company. If you are part of any of the Kim families, or you want to reach the Turkish customers and tell them WHO you are, get your .KIM web address today!

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Posted on Date:
Monday, January 12, 2015